We have produced this guide with ease of use, and portability in mind. Therefore, some aspects of the actual NYC Paramedic Protocols have been removed or condensed. This is done with an understanding that the users of this guide will have an understanding of the protocols referenced. Items such as transport decision and begin BLS procedures have at times been removed to offer a more condensed version.

However, all Paramedic Level Guidelines are represented in their entirety and are accurate as of the publication of this guide.

This guide is recommended as a reference tool only and not as a replacement for local protocols. It is not endorsed or recommended by the FDNY or NYC REMAC. Please refer to actual protocols for full NYC REMAC Protocols and General Operatings Procedures

By using this guide you agree that any medical treatment given by following the guide is done with the above knowledge and that you will not hold EMS SEO liable for any damages related to your treatment and transport of patients.

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